Sunday, June 21, 2009

FBI tried in vain to stop 'Deep Throat' film
June 20, 2009, 2:00 PM EST
MIAMI (AP) -- When the FBI investigated the landmark 1972 porno movie "Deep Throat," the case touched the highest levels of the FBI, even its second-in-command W. Mark Felt, the shadowy Watergate informant whose "Deep Throat" alias was taken from the movie's title.

The FBI documents newly released to The Associated Press reveal the bureau's sprawling and ultimately vain attempt to stop the spread of a movie some saw as the victory of a cultural and sexual revolution and others saw as simply decadent.

Agents seized copies of the movie, had negatives analyzed in labs and interviewed everyone from actors and producers to messengers who delivered reels to theaters.

"Today we can't imagine authorities at any level of government — local, state or federal — being involved in obscenity prosecutions of this kind," said Mark Weiner, a constitutional law professor and legal historian at Rutgers-Newark School of Law. "The story of 'Deep Throat' is the story of the last gasp of the forces lined up against the cultural and sexual revolution and it is the advent of the entry of pornography into the mainstream."

The papers are among 498 pages from the FBI file on Gerard Damiano, who directed the movie and died in October. Released this month following a Freedom of Information Act request by the AP, they are just a glimpse into Damiano's roughly 4,800-page file. More than 1,000 additional pages were withheld under FOIA exemptions and because they duplicated other material; the balance of the file has not yet been reviewed and released.

Many parts of the released files are whited out and the FBI's ultimate targets are unclear, but the seriousness with which the agency treated the investigation is unquestionable.

The file includes memos between the FBI's top men — L. Patrick Gray, William Ruckelshaus and Clarence Kelley, successive heads of the agency after J. Edgar Hoover — and field offices so widespread, it seemed nearly all of the country's biggest cities were involved.
On various entries in the file, a checklist of top FBI brass appears in the top right corner, with initials next to some names. One of those listed is W. Mark Felt, the FBI second-in-command whose "Deep Throat" alias as a Watergate informant came from the movie's title. None of the markings indicate he read any of the materials on the movie whose name became synonymous with his role in bringing down Richard Nixon's presidency. However, former FBI agents interviewed by the AP after the documents were released said Felt almost certainly would have been aware of the huge investigation.

Felt got the double-entendre nickname because he leaked crucial information about Nixon administration corruption on "deep background" to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward. His identity remained a secret until 2005. He died in December.

While much of the probe centered in New York, where many involved in the film lived, and Miami, where it was largely shot, agents from Honolulu to Detroit were involved.

Aside from investigative records tracking subpoenas, interviews, screenings and shipments of the film, the Damiano file includes various FBI agents' play-by-play accounts of the movie's plot, and the specific role of Damiano in the agency's investigation.

The FBI notes Damiano had been "somewhat cooperative," On Aug. 7, 1973, an assistant U.S. attorney general writes to Kelley, saying Damiano is being considered for immunity. The memo doesn't specify the crime, though mentioned throughout the file is the charge of interstate transportation of obscene material.

Among the areas of the case file whited out is an interview with the star of the film, who at the time went by the name Linda Lovelace.

"Deep Throat" achieved fame unlike any pornographic film in history and become the most widely known adult film to reach a general audience. It was hugely profitable — made for about $25,000 and amassing hundreds of millions in receipts — and became a cultural buzzword.

Authorities have long said the movie was made with mafia money — and the FBI has linked the mob with porn over the years — but the file includes no mention of mob links.

Officials at every level of government tried to stop screenings and obscenity trials continued for years. But in the end, experts say, it represents the end of an era in which the government sought to stop the changing cultural tides.

Eugene Volokh, a law professor at UCLA, said the oddity of the scope of the investigation into "Deep Throat" is a reflection of very different times.

"Certainly today, with our broadly socially less restrictive attitude to most pornography and to sex more broadly it may seem odd that the government was spending so much effort on something like this," he said. "But attitudes back then were much different."

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pornstar: Eva Angelina in "Housewife 1 on 1"

Eva Angelina has a new outfit and it's reflective of her state of mind and horny! What more would you expect from a woman who's fucking around behind her husband's back with another married man?!? Well, as long as the feelings are mutual!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Felix Vicious

When Felix’s creaky old lemon broke down, her only consolation was that it petered out near a phone booth. She was still on the line with AAA when Sergio arrived to lend a helping hand; the bad news was that he wanted 100 bucks up front. The leggy babe didn’t have any money on her, but the greasy fast-talker informed the stranded motorist that he also accepted poontang as payment.

This month's Teen Queen is so glamorous and sexy, it's hard to believe she's only 18. "I know," confesses aspiring model Bailey Rose. "I've always looked mature for my age. I could pass for 18 when I was 14! I could have gotten myself into tons of trouble, but I was a good girl. But not anymore!"

Sexual personality: I am ready for sex at all times. I don't understand girls who are all, "I'm not in the mood." How can you not be?
Best physical feature: My pussy, 'cause it gives me pleasure. And hopefully gives other people pleasure, too. ;)
Fave hobby: I love to ski. It's a total rush, plus it keeps my booty in shape.
First thing I notice about a guy: If he has sexy lines around his eyes and mouth. I want a guy who looks like a man, not a boy.
Biggest turn-on: Long foreplay. I like to have fun—lots of teasing and dirty talk and role-playing and being silly. After that, of course, we do some serious fucking!
Biggest turn-off: A lack of confidence.
Fave masturbation method: I rub my clit with my fingers. I can make myself come really fast. I've had tons of practice!
Fave sex position: Doggy-style. I love when a guy grabs my ass and fucks me deep.
Spit or swallow: I swallow, but I purposely let a little dribble out onto my chin. Guys go crazy!
To bi or not to bi: I'd say I'm bi. I'm more into guys, but girls are lots of fun to kiss and play around with.
Butt sex, yay or nay: Mmm-maybe someday?
Deepest, darkest secret: Don't laugh, but I have a thing for big guys. Not, like, obese, but thick and solid—you know, like Tony Soprano. I know, I'm weird!
Reason for posing nude: Why not? Don't I look good? ;)
Ultimate goal: To be happy in life, whatever I do, and to make others happy, too.

Age: 18
Height: 5-7
Weight: 115 pounds
Measurements: 36C-24-36 Hometown: Denver, Colo.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello Morrison

WonderWall, February 4, 2009
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We've bought Johnny Depp as a demonic barber, a deranged chocolate maker and a troublemaking pirate, but a Stooge?

Johnny Depp is reportedly in talks with the Farrelly Brothers to portray "Moe" in an upcoming film adaptation of The Three Stooges (currently set for a November 2009 release). If it were a movie about punk group Iggy Pop and the Stooges, that would be one thing, but this seems like an odd bit of casting.

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Depp may soon be poking Sean Penn (as Larry!) in the eye, then gut-punching an as yet uncast Curly (we're guessing they'll go with Seth Rogen). So who else could be yukking it up with Depp?

Other side-splitting names that have been tossed around the project include Adam Sandler, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Now which of these (last two) namedon't belong here? They're hot, sure, but come on.

If you ask us, we think the Brothers Farrelly should have cast those adorable little Jonas Bros as the comedy trio. Too bad these two bands of brothers are ALREADY working on a movie together called Walter the Farting Dog.

You know what, we give up

Who would make a better Moe?
Colin Farrell

Who would make a better Larry?
Will Ferril

Who Would make a better Curley?
Tom Sizemore

Actress Lori Petty charged with drunken driving

The Associated Press, June 5, 2009
Related: Lori PettyLOS ANGELES (AP) -- Lori Petty is facing two drunken driving charges.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office says the 45-year-old "Tank Girl" actress was charged Friday with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence with injuries stemming from a May 30 arrest.

Petty was arrested after allegedly hitting a skateboarder with her car in the city's Venice Beach area.

Spokesman Frank Mateljan (mah-TELL'-jen) says the actress was also charged with driving without proof of insurance. She is set to be arraigned June 25.

Petty's film credits include "Point Break," "Tank Girl" and "A League of Their Own." It could not immediately be determined Friday whether Petty retains a lawyer or professional representative.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ahoy Scurvy!

From the award-winning director Joone comes the biggest epic in the history of adult films. This electrifying, swashbuckling sex-adventure takes you on a humorous and mystical journey through haunted seas and deep into the abyss of our most lustful desires… Pirates features deadly swordplay against skeleton warriors, Jesse Jane™ in her first girl/girl scene with Janine & Carmen Luvana, dirty pirate whores (Teagan Presley, Devon, Jenaveve Jolie and many more), awe-inspiring Incan magic, grandiose sea battles, loads of special features & hot extras within a 3 disc set, and 10 of the most arousing sex scenes in the history of erotic cinema!